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Our Story

We eat, sleep, breath, drink, laugh and cry over Local Internet Marketing. We can help you with our Proven-to-Convert Campaigns, Websites and Strategies. We want to make sure the Traffic that’s coming to your Website is converting and doing what it’s supposed to be doing – providing an Income for you. We build Long-Term Relationships. We want to work with you for years and watch you and your business grow. You can always get in touch with us when you need to. We promise that you’ll be blown away by how great our Customer Service is. We are driven by our mission to help every one of our clients get more Online Customers. We continue to bring in new customers for our clients by implementing successful strategies that tap into the Power of the Web. We don’t use gimmicks, we simply work hard to provide you with real, proven results. We will help your business grow to new heights through qualified online exposure. We put you in front of thousands of potential customers. We provide our clients with high-quality campaigns, strategies and proven conversion techniques. Our experience, coupled with our passion, has afforded us the opportunity to maintain long-term relationships with our clients. Partnering with us will help your business succeed and help you grow towards being THE online industry leader in your field. That’s the goal we strive to achieve for with each and every client. We can help you grow your Online Business, and at the same time, keep your fees affordable.

        Contact us now at support@5starstrategicresults.com.


5 Star Strategic Results

5 Star Strategic Results  uses our Cutting Edge Program to increase the number of customers, clients, and patients for almost any business. We get your Phone Ringing with New Prospects! Elysse  worked for a traditional “offline” company for a number of years, rising to vice president of marketing. She was fortunate through that experience to learn what does and does not work in the small business environment. After leaving that company, Elysse started and grew a national marketing company, Curry Communications, which focused primarily in the medical industry. As founder and CEO of Curry Communications, and 5 Star Strategic Results, LLC Elysse is also able to empower men and women with training, coaching and consulting by utilizing her extensive background in personal & leadership development, to create a unique and powerful training approach.

Elysse  got hooked by the Internet about 8 years ago, and  became heavily involved in working with local businesses. Today as  a wife, mother and business woman, she has been working for a profit  since she was 16 years old. Her philosophy is to enjoy life, the journey, the adventure, in addition to the destination, and income. Elysse has learned the real rewards include how many lives you’ve touched and what you’ve learned along the way.

      Call Us Today...352-263-6655

We Want To Help You Get More Customers, Clients, and Patients Now!

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