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Private Customer Review Videos Beta Program

5 Star Strategic Results, LLC presents you with a Customer Review Video.


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We take one of your 5-star reviews from a major directory like Google, Yelp, etc. (or any feedback from one of your customers). We then produce a 45 to 60 second amazing video using a professional spokesperson in a Hollywood-style studio to position your business as a market leader.

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In this special offer, we cover all the production costs to produce your Customer Review Video and you get exclusivity to use it on your website, social, or as a PR marketing piece.

There are 3 simple requirements that we use to qualify your business. Check below for more details. Producing these videos for small businesses gives us great feedback in our quest to produce a higher quality product. Further, this program allows us to help small businesses while giving us an opportunity to generate additional awareness for our company’s brand in the local marketplace and online. We have limited production capacity for these Customer Review Videos (we will charge $3,000 when we close the Beta Program). So schedule your video as soon as possible so that we can get you on our production calendar.

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1. To create an effective Customer Review Video we need up to 45 minutes of your time. It will be broken up into two segments.

The first segment is a Video Production Call where we will confirm the information required for the video and then show you how to best leverage your video to get you more customers.

The Technical Review Sign Off Call will allow us to review the video with you to check for technical accuracy and educate you on how to integrate the video into your website as well as your social media. We need an Online Review of your experience, and you agree to fill out a 5 question survey on our feedback page.

2. You agree to give us three quality referrals from companies that are not your direct competition. These are business owners who know, respect and trust you and vice versa.

3. You cover our hard syndication costs of $297 so that after we have produced the Customer Review Video (at no cost to you) we can put it online and get it ranked in Google and broadcast it to all the social and video networks.

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Purchase Video Syndication NOW and Get 2 More Video Commercials FREE

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