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Week 1 – Creating the perfect videos

• Welcome to Week #1!!!!


I am super excited that we are going through this together, and really can’t wait to see what you are going to be able to uncover as we keep making advances in our business!
Now, before you begin watching these modules, please understand, I’m going to say some things that seem strange… For example I’m going to tell you NOT to worry about all the different tools you have inside your SmartVideo Account, and I’m saying that… because I don’t use them 🙂
Everything that this program talks about is about saving you time and making your life as simple as humanly possible! My goal is to completely blow your mind at how Overly Simple my business really is… It’s dead simple…. your going to be wondering why you haven’t thought of this before… or maybe you did think of it… but you were like me once, and got shiny object syndrome, and lost sight of what actually matters!
So let’s get into it!
If you have any questions for me as you go through or want to share your thoughts on this program, please feel free to message me at
Really guys, want you to kick some butt. So take action and do the homework the way it’s laid out… Let’s land some clients!!!!

Welcome to Customer Acquisition Secrets – Module 1

Module 2 – Understanding The Dynamics Of A Perfect Video

Module 3 – How to Produce & Share Your Videos (MUST WATCH) I tell you to do the opposite of what you’ve always thought!

Module 4 – Understanidng The Editor – Surpise… I do things you wouldn’t expect!

Module 5 – Rules For Personalized Videos (ALWAYS FOLLOW THESE RULES!)

Module 6 – Finding the perfect Youtube Video (Includes my little secret… that will save you a countless number of hours… please don’t share this secret with anyone!)

Module 7 – Using Stock Video to WOW your client! (Only use this if clients are paying you handsomly… no need to spend money, if they’re not paying you more for it!)

Module 8 – Creating Lead Generation Videos (What I say here will definetly surprise you!)

Module 9 – Creating Referral Videos (Like an absolute expert)

Module 10 – Creating Engagment Videos (This will get a ton of people engaging with your brand!)

Module 11 – Creating Review Videos (There is so much opportunity here it’s not even funny!)

Module 12 – Creating An Upsell Video (This is ALOT of Fun!)

Module 13 – Your Homework Assignment For Week 1! MUST DO!!!

Follow this step by step!
➡️ 1. Send this script
Hi _____, how is everything going! I need your help, and was hoping you’d be able to! I started this new venture, and it’s all about helping business be able to generate more Referrals by using video. If you don’t mind, I’d love it if you could be my first case study, and I have no problem doing it completely free for you, so I can leverage your success to all my future prospects. What do you say?
➡️ 2. Post a photo of your result in this Facebook Community!
➡️ 3. If you post a photo, or screenshot of you landing your first client, then next week You and I are going to jump on a phone call 1on1 🎉 🍾 🎉
Send it to anyone you know who runs a business, could be a friend, family, your plumber, your accountant, dentist, literally anyone you know!
You can send it by test, Whatsapp, email, Skype, FB messenger, anything! As long as you send it you will get results!
Take action and share your results!!! -> Click Here To Post In The FB Community

How to Create Rapid Videos In A Matter Of Seconds ->

Week 2 – Getting your business ready to take action (with tons of deliverables)

Welcome To Week 2!
I am really excited for this week! We are going into some serious details outlining my entire process, and systems. With this week you are going to know how to deliver for your Free Client & Paid Clients, what to say to your Free Clients, and most importantly… What is a Software? (That is extremelly important)
You need to be taking lots of notes during this week as there are tons of modules we are going into, and this is going to be SOO important for your entire business model. Everything you see here is what you should be doing, and please don’t change anything! It works! Do what works 🙂

Make sure to share your thoughts, what action your taking, excitement, and insight here -> Share in the Facebook Group Here!

Without further adu, let’s dive into it! I’m Excited!

Understanding What Software actually is, and keeping F.O.C.U.S.E.D!

Your AutoResponder You Should Be Using & Why! -> Click Here For Access

Really Good Landing Page Builder To Use! Highly Recommend -> Click Here For Access

Best tool I know for automating systems -> Click Here For Access

Free tool for making Designs -> Click Here For Access

My favorite personalized video tool 🙂 -> Click here to login

Best tool for taking screenshots -> Click Here For Access

I only use this for BRAND name clients (Don’t use this unless your working with big brands -> Click Here For Access

This is a free video hosting platform -> Click Here For Access

Your softwares… Is it an Assett Or Liability? This is a super important question you need to be asking yourself!

Understanding “The Machine” 🙂

The Lead Gen Script That has made me A TON OF MONEY! Make sure to use this! Don’t get creative! Use this!

A client responded! Now what do you say?!?!?!

Module 15 – How to create an Email Campaign (Client Delivery)

Module 16 – How to create a Landing Page Campaign (Client Delivery)

Module 17 – How to create a Social Media Campaign (Client Delivery)

Module 18 – How to Make sure you get favorable results for your client!

Module 19 – How to Get referrals from your client

Module 20 – What to say when talking with Referrals

Module 21 – How to do a demonstration when closing a client

Module 22 – The Ultimate Close!

Module 23 – Congrats On Finishing Week 2! Now Go Take Action!

Week 3 – Landing your first client (step by step)
• Welcome to Week 3!!! Congratulations for making it to this week! If you’ve completed all of the steps from Week 1 & Week 2 you should be in pretty good shape, and you should feel very very proud of yourself!

Many people when they are first starting don’t follow those steps, or end up going weeks, months, or even years before they start to do the process I shared with you. Keep it SIMPLE! The simpler your business, the easier it’s going to be for you to succeed.

So let’s dive into week 3!

Module 1:

What is an objection?

An objection is something that leads give you, that prevent them from buying right away. Now, notice I said something there “From Buying Right Away.” When a lead throws an objection at you… that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to buy… instead it’s a normal part of the buying process. Every sale I’ve ever made the prospect has thrown an objection at me, it’s my job to handle it, and then proceed with the sale… And if I handle it, and they throw another objection at me, then I handle it and proceed with asking for the sale…. Under no circumstance am I accepting an objection as a reason they aren’t going to buy… Instead I find out why, and then I resolve it 🙂

Here’s an example.. I jumped on a call with a lead before for a big deal. $10k. He starts off the conversation by saying “Listen, I’m not going to be buying anything, just want to see what you got”

Ok, to a normal person, you see the saying “Listen, I’m not going to be buying anything” but from my eyes all I saw was “Want to see what you got”

Lesson #1: What a lead says, and what a lead feels are sometimes 2 entirely different things

Now in this conversation I had, I went through and asked him questions about his business.

Normal things likes, “What are your goals for the next 6 months,” “what are you currently doing now to get yourself to hit that goal” “What have you tried so far that didn’t work..” “What is the biggest issue your having. In your business right now, stopping you from hitting that goal”

And at the very end I say, “Great if I could help you solve (ISSUE THEY SAID) while getting you (GOAL THEY SAID) without having to (SOMETHING THEY TRIED IN THE PAST THEY DIDN’T LIKE) would you be willing to work with me?”

Listen to that… If I could get you the results you DESIRE without having to do something you HATE and help you solve your current ISSUES would you want me to make that happen….

If ANYBODY here’s that of course the answer is YES! ABSOLUTELY! It’s not even a question right?

So why do leads say “NO” after they hear that? Is it something you said, is it something they don’t like about you, is it that you smell funny? 😆 What could be the reason?!?!?

Most people when they are pitching there services. And. The lead says “Let me get back to you” or “Let me think about this” or “Let me talk to my business partner” or whatever other reason they can think of… They will absolutely throw you a curve ball, it’s human nature to be skeptical.

So how do we handle this.. What do we do now!?


Today I’m going to start off with an assignment for you to be prepared for tomorrow 🙂 Today is all about thinking.


1. Grab a piece of paper, and a pen
2. Write down common reasons/objections people have told you “NO” before (Write down all of them)
3. Once you’re done but the objection in the Facebook Group 🙂 From there I’ll give you my exact closing process for each of those questions!

Make sure to do your homework! See you over the next 2 days with the answers 🙂 to put a lot of money in your pocket!

I tried that last year and it didn’t work
“I completely understand your frustration! We ran into that issue with a few people last year, and had some issues, but over the past year I’ve been tweaking an optimizing the results, were now we have it converting really well. What do you need from me to make this a grand slam for you?

We don’t have budget for this right now
Call me back next quarter and I’ll consider it then
There’s no money
We’ve already committed our marketing dollars for this year
Try us early next year when we are budgeting

—— You should have already dug deep into their problem their business is facing (What issues are you facing, what’s stopping you from ___, etc.)

“I can completely understand, how much would you say ___PROBLEM____ is costing your business right now?

“When I was working with ____ business, they had a very similar problem… They were stretched thin on their budget for the quarter and when we looked into it, (STORY NEEDS TO BE YOURS) we saw that they were spending 80% of their ad budget on ______, when we came in and focused just 5% of their marketing towards referrals, we saw a drastic increase in ____.

“I’m not hear for you to expense anything, I’m here for you to put your faith in me. I’m certain that you’ve never met someone as passionate as me, who’s going to drive your companies _____, I ask for you to give me one shot, and if I can’t help put you on track to get a positive ROI, then no hard feelings… But I promise you, I’m going to put everything I can into this for you… and all I ask is for you to come on this journey with me, so you never have to worry about your company being stretched thin on a budget again… Let’s do this together.”

It’s too expensive
• The word expensive doesn’t mean anything, and we need to understand that… Starbucks is too dang expensive, but still millions of people choose to give them money compared to spending 5 cents to make it at there house. So you need to know what Expensive actually means.

“Really? Expensive compared to what?”

• Once you know what they are comparing your product to, or how they are drawing the conclusion, all you simply need to do is talk about value… DO NOT COMPARE YOUR SERVICE TO WHATEVER THEY SAY

“Ahhh Ok… you threw me for a loop there… Let me ask you… How much do you currently pay for (WHAT THEY COMPARED YOU TOO) Qualified leads on Facebook now? Meaning. How many leads actually pick up the phone and say yes I am interested in giving you money? ($15) Great! So if I can get you results for under $15 would that help your company save money?… Awesome! I’m excited for this, let’s do this!

The contract lasts too long
• This is typically a concern on that your not going to be able to deliver. You need to find out what there actual concern is, or get them to actually state that they don’t think your going to deliver… It’s sometimes because of a bad experience in the past

“Why do you feel that way?”

(Once they respond.. let’s say they say “I don’t know if your going to deliver”)

“I completely understand how you feel, let me ask you… you said that your. Goal over the next ___ months was to ___RESTATE THEIR GOAL____ and the one thing holding you back is ___ISSUE____. Let’s say you were (SOMETHING OBVIOUS LIKE:) trying to loose weight (be careful their not really overweight) would you expect those results overnight?

(Wait for response)

So how can we expect your business to change overnight, it takes day after day of commitment, for months to get the results you desire, and I want to be there to help your company hit those targets… I am 100% committed to you, and all I ask is for you to come on this journey with me, and together we can make ___ISSUE___ be a problem of the past.. Let’s do this!

I’ll have to run the contract by my lawyer
• I wouldn’t try and tell someone not to speak with a lawyer… I’d want control though.

“I completely understand, I’m going to have my assistant shoot a copy over to your attorney, what is their name?

“Great, and whats the best email?

“Awesome, I’m going to CC you as well, What day next week works best for you to go over any of the changes and seal the deal?”

I’m already using a service/product like that
• In this scenario, I’m not going to try and push them to switch vendors unless they have an issue I can solve in the second question I ask. If there is an issue that’s when you can proceed with your sales pitch.

“Awesome! That means you know the value in how personalized video can help your company! Which company are you using?”

“Great, I’m not sure if I’ve heard of them before… what’s one thing you wish they could do just a little bit better?

(If they have an issue, go in for another close but targeting that specific issue, if they like the vendor, ask if it’s ok to reach back out with them in a month to see if everything is still going good)

Yeah, but your product/service doesn’t have this feature
• This isn’t an objection, this means you tried selling features, instead of the result… you should change your presentation to be more focused on the result instead of the features.

“You said your biggest issue was ____ correct?

“Awesome! So my job is to make that problem go away. If I could make ___PROBLEM___ disappear and help assist you in hitting your goal of _____ would you feel super good about yourself for hitting that goal?

“Great, let’s do this!”

I need to check with my partner, wife or team and will let you know
• I call this the “I have to talk to the tooth fairy objection”

“Let me ask you, your companies biggest issue is ____ correct?

“Great! And you want to take your company to __GOAL___ correct?

“How do you think your wife/partner would feel about you making a decision that helped let your company hit that goal? Pretty good right…

“Of course! I’m committed to helping you, and your wife/partner succeed… Your committed to hitting this goal right!

“Great! Let’s do this! I can’t wait to see the smile on your face in 6 months. Let’s make this happen!”

We Never Advertise/ I have no money for marketing.
– Don’t work with these people. End of story.

I’m not ready for a buying conversation
• You need to find out the real objection, and then handle that objection.

“No worries, why is that?”

I don’t have time to focus on this right now/ Your product sounds great, but I’m too swamped right now
• This is where you need to step in and make there life easy

“Awesome! That’s exactly why I’m here! I’m here because you said your issue was ______, and I’m here to focus on that issue, so you don’t have to!

I’ll make this go away, so you can focus on the important things.. Are you ready to make __PROBLEM___ go away for good?

“Great, let’s do this”

I only work with people/vendors I know

“Great, My name is ______, I’m the Vice President of _____, I live in ______, I love ____HOBBYS___, _____, ______ and I’m passionate about making __PROBLEM___ go away for you… You may not know everything about me yet, and I don’t know everything about you yet, but I promise you, as you and I go on this journey together, I’ll be there for you, side by side, to get you to hit your goals, and you and I are going to have an incredible relationship, the same way I do with all of my clients… I’m excited to work together with you, as I think we are going to get along great! If I promise to give you everything I got, can you promise to give me everything you got?

“Awesome let’s do this!”

I had a bad experience with a similar product/service in the past

“I feel you, there’s some companies out there that just don’t know how to use what they got, and focus too much on the features instead of the results… I’m not here to give you a product, I’m here to help you git your goal of ____, and help you get rid of your problem of _______. If I could help you hit your goal, would you be leaping up and down?

“Awesome! Let’s do this!”

Just email some literature and I’ll look at it later
• This is an F off objection. You want to email them, and then call them up and make sure they received it… All you can do here is followup week after week, until they either commit to sit down with you or tell you to scram.

I’m just not ready to decide
• This isn’t an objection, you need to find the real objection behind this one

“No worries, I completely understand, why is that?”

I can’t sell this internally
• This isn’t an objection, you need to find the real objection behind this on

“No worries, I completely understand, why is that?”

We’re happy the way the things are
• This means you didn’t dig enough into their problems, if you get this saying, that means you need to relook at what questions your asking them to dig into their problems, so the next prospect you reach out to you don’t get this.

What proof do you have
• This just means, you didn’t build up enough proof, and you need to show more case studies, and the stories about them… This is why I recommend talking about the person you just worked on, that they referred you to.. that should definitely be enough proof.

How much will it increase my profits
How many new leads will I get
“Haha you know I can’t answer that.. That’s like me asking you (Know what there business is, and make a wild claim that of course can’t be answered)… But what I can do is promise you I’m going to give you 100% to do everything I can to make __PROBLEM____ go away. All I need from you, is need an equal commitment from you, that if I’m going to give you 100%, I need you to give me 100% as well. Can I have your word?

“Awesome! Let’s do this!”

I’ll bring this up the latter and see what they think
• You need to take control, you should be the one that messages the higher up. What this means is your not talking to the decision maker… And the only person you should ever be speaking with is the decision maker. This is the person who is authorized to give you money.. Anybody else, is a waste of your time, and just a roadblock in the way

I already have a marketing company
Great! I’m not a marketing company.. You told me your biggest issue is ______. That’s my job…. My job is to help you get rid of _____ and help you hit your goal… If I helped you hit your goal, would you be excited!

“Great! Let’s do this!”

What’s your payment plan for this?
– Remember credit cards they can pay after 30 days, so they don’t need a payment plan, I just knock this, as it’s not a real question

“We don’t have a payment plan. Sign right here. (If your using a contract point at the contract)

(If you don’t have a contract say)

“We don’t have a payment plan. What’s easier check or card?”

How would we know if what you did brought in more money and not what we had been doing prior to using your services?

“Great question! I track everything from my side, and will be sending you weekly reports! You’ll never have to worry about that! I’m excited for this… Let’s do this!”

Closing The Deal 1

Closing The Deal 2

Closing The Deal 3

Should I use a contract?

Should I use a contract Addition

How to collect Payment

Congrats on finishing week 3

Week 4 – Delivery system for clients (step by step)
Welcome To Week 4


Your Entire Delivery Process For Clients

Ask Client Questions On Their Business
1. How do you typically reach out to clients? Do you have an email list?
2. Have you had a recent event?
3. What’s the one biggest issue you have in your business?

Create A Video Based On Criteria
1. Type of Video Creating For Client:
2. Where is video being added to:
3. Length of video: 15 Seconds
4. Industry Of Video:
5. What Personalized Elements To Use:
6. Client Logo Needed Y/N:
7. Special Requirements:
8. Other Comments:
Send To Client For Approval

2nd Revision of video
1. Edit Link Of Original Video:
2. Clients Comments:
(S.M Only) Create Cover Image & Text
1. Create a graphic that you can post with, something catchy.
2. Create text to add above that graphic with a link to the personalized video landing page
(S.M Only) Create Landing Page
1. Create a simple landing page, based off of social media post text
2. Hook up a landing page to Getresponse
3. Hook up Getresponse to Zapier to Client AutoResponder or Google Sheet
4. Test, and verify it’s working properly
5. Once verified, mark task as complete
(Email Only) Create Email Copy
1. Create email copy
2. Take screenshot of video cover with play button
(Email Only) Add email into autoresponder, with personalized video link
1. Create new list inside clients autoresponder, label it “TEST PERSONALIZED VIDEO”
2. Add test email to account (our personal email)
3. Create email inside of autoresponder
4. Add personalized video link, with appropriate personalized tags
5. Send Test Email
6. Edit email and personalized video link if any errors show
7. Once it is working 100% properly, get clients approval and mark the task as completed
Get Clients Approval
Once Client approves campaign, mark this task as complete

Set Campaign Live
1. Set campaign live
(S.M Only) Help get results
Share in groups that are related to the company, to help get people to click on the link, and increase results

Screenshot Results
1. Screenshot the 1 hour mark
2. Screenshot the 2 hour mark
3. Screenshot the 3 hour mark
4. Screenshot the 6 hour mark
5. Screenshot the 12 hour mark
6. Screenshot the 24 hour mark
7. Screenshot the end of the campaign results
Find a Case Study
Research online for a case study that is in the same niche and related to the same objective (example: referrals)

Find a case study of how __NICHE___ generated ___MONEY___ by using ___OBJECTIVE___ and after __MONTHS____ they brought their company to ___GROSS REV___

^^^ This is the perfect case study… find some similar to this!

Create Report
Create a report for the client, with screenshots of best results and the case study at the bottom, so you can compare what you’re doing, to similar of those of the case study

This way we can get them excited about their results, and see the future.

Repeat Process Every 2 Weeks
1. Some Examples:
1. Twitter Post for leads
2. Facebook Post For leads
3. Email Campaign for referrals
4. Email Campaigns for Event Promotion
2. Different Objectives:
1. Leads
2. Referrals
3. Engagement
4. Upsell
5. Reviews
How To Create A Report

Adding Extra Value For Your Clients

Tricks To Making Clients Want To Stay With You

Congrats on Week 4

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