Video Review Testimonials New

Get a Complementary Video Review Commercial…Our Clients Love Us See Why By Clicking On Any Video.

“Can You Imagine Your Prospects Watching

Your Video Review Commercial

And Immediately Picking Up Their Phone To Call You?”

Take 54 seconds and watch the review commercials

we recently completed for these clients.

We are beta testing a new marketing program called 5 Star Results Booster,

where our production crew and professional spokes models

are doing video shoots

to create a short online video commercial.

Although the video is specifically designed for local businesses,

it can be used for any business.

Visualize your prospects seeing your business logo,

your inside office or outside business location

in the background with a glowing 5 Star Review

about your business …then ending with a strong call to action.

As you are part of the Meetup Community,

we are offering you the opportunity

to get your video commercial at no cost…that’s right, free.

But there’s a catch…You’d expect that.

We only ask 3 things from you.

First, you have to be one of the first 50

to respond by 4-30-2016 .

We have a limited amount of production time

we can devote for “gratis” commercials,

and we have to get these scheduled quickly.

Second, you agree to leave us an authentic review of your experience.

Third, you agree to send us 3 local business referrals that might like a video commercial for their business.

(business owners you personally know and respect

and who know and respect you).

To get started, click the link below and complete the form , make sure to upload a background photo. your logo and a 5 star review from a client.

Please select a time from our calendar 7 days from date of submission to review your commercial with you for technical accuracy and to educate you on how to integrate the video into your website and social media.

We’ll contact when your video is done, and look forward to helping you position yourself as the market leader and attract new clients.