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When I, and my team, are “interviewing” clients to decide if we want to engage with them, these are the KPI’s we look for in a potential client. Over the years it has saved us from a lot of stress…We appreciate everyone, however, we do not work with everyone.


Are We A Good Fit for Each Other?

We can only take on a limited number of new clients each month. We believe in focused, personal service. We make a serious commitment to the clients we take on and it is important that we work with the RIGHT KIND of companies. We are looking for high integrity companies that have a good reputation and deliver high-quality work. In addition, our clients must dedicate the time, personnel, and financial resources required to make the project a success. These are the 6 criteria we feel need to be in place to have a successful working relationship:

PERFORMANCE: Only good companies with high-performance standards will be considered.

UNDERSTANDING: It is essential to have a good understanding of the benefits and the general concepts of advertising and marketing.

GROWTH CAPACITY: Need to have the ability and willingness to grow your company and be able to handle new business.

IMPLEMENTATION: Must be able and willing to accept and implement input.

STAFF: Designate a staff member to shepherd the project internally.

INVESTMENT: You have to be able to pay for marketing services and fulfillment costs.

We have learned over the years that these items are essential to forging a win/win relationship.


If this is you please call us we look forward to speaking with you. 352-263-6655